Our Services Offering


  • Real Application Clusters (RAC);
  • Automatic Storage Management (ASM) and Data security;
  • Recovery Manager (RMAN) & advanced backup;
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager/Grid control;
  • Backup recovery;
  • Data migration;
  • DR solutions;
  • Performance tuning;
  • Emergency response.
  1. Databases are the heart of today’s enterprise application and the maintenance thereof should therefore be seen as extremely important.
  2. Once a database environment complies with all the necessary requirements it needs minimal on-going attention.
  3. Database and operating system administration is an easily outsourceable element of any company’s IT operation.
  4. Focused database monitoring and preventative maintenance ensure maximum output and uptime.
  5. A qualified and experienced Database Administrator should always be used during the database development cycle in order to ensure a better performing database and to prevent performance bottlenecks in the long run.
  6. Remote support ensures instant access to support highly skilled professionals.
  7. A database outsource partner should provide a credible, experienced and affordable service - and should also be familiar with, and bound to South African data privacy and security laws.


  • Business analysis;
  • Business development & technical specification;
  • Extract, Transform & Load of data (ETL);
  • Report development;
  • Maintenance.


  • No software cost;
  • Configuration & customisation charge only;
  • Scalable across IT environment (ability to monitor more than only databases and operating systems);
  • SMS and e-mail alerts;
  • Proactive and reliable;
    Low maintenance;
  • 24/7 monitoring centre.


  • MS Windows, Linux & Unix;
  • Server virtualisation;
  • Security;
  • Vulnerability assessments;
  • Maintenance.


  • Software (Oracle & Microsoft);
  • Monitors;
  • PC's & laptops;
  • Servers.